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Get To Understand Your Dog Better: Can Dogs Eat Squid?

Seafood always makes me want to try out different recipes. During family gatherings, I always make sure that there is some squid delicacy available. My dog always stays with us at the table, and the look on his eyes always makes we want to share my squid delicacy with my dog.This has always made me […]

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What Do Chihuahuas Eat? Feed Your Dog On The Right Diet

Chihuahuas are always special dogs. They are special in various ways. Perhaps because they are special, you might be wondering “what do Chihuahuas eat?” Just like any other dog, you need to get a special diet for your Chihuahua canine friend. The perfect diet for your Chihuahua should be one that is balanced so that […]

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Can Dogs Have Ham Bones? Let Us Demystify The Myth

Dogs have always been known to love chewing bones since time immemorial. This makes giving a dog bones after we have had a hearty meal seem like the generosity of the highest level. However, of late pet owners are cautious because they now realize that not all bones are suitable for consumption by their canine […]

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