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Best Dog Food For Beagles To Buy This Year

Count yourself very lucky if you have a beagle because these little buddies will give you all the affection you might ever need from the dog world. But that affection doesn’t come for free. It comes at a price, and one of the ways of paying for the affection is by feeding them well. By […]

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New Breakthrough in Dog Food: Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

If you feed your dog on dog foods, then you have probably noticed that a lot of them contain fish as one of the ingredients. Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, which are all essential dietary needs for your dog. This goes for some types of fish. Could tuna be one of […]

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The Truth About Your Dog Throwing Up Yellow Mucus

We all love our dogs unconditionally. That is undisputable because that is the main reason why we keep them. Owning a dog makes you its only custodian who looks out for it, knows and fulfills its needs. Such needs include knowing what your canine friend will eat, getting it good shelter, knowing when it is […]

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