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This will shock you: Can Dogs Eat Mulberries?

My pup’s first stop in the morning is under the mulberry tree at the backyard to have some fallen mulberries. During the first days I was so scared that I had to ask the vet whether mulberries have any adverse effects on dogs. Probably you are experiencing the same issue of concern as I was […]

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Can Dogs Eat Cilantro: Why Don’t We Find Out Together?

There are herbs that are beneficial to your dog’s health while at the same time others are harmful. There are others that are not only harmful but toxic to your canine friend. So where does cilantro fall? Can dogs eat cilantro? All you want for your dog is good health and nothing short of that. Anything […]

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Beans Provide Proteins But Can Dogs Eat Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are some of the most nutritious foodstuffs for humans. If you find them in salads and sandwiches among others, you’ll keep asking for more. Bean sprouts have formed an integral part of human foods for quite some time now; even our forefathers enjoyed them. But can dogs eat bean sprouts? Do they provide the […]

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