Best Automatic Dog Feeder: Professional Tips On How To Buy The Best One

Automatic dog feeders are machines that will help you feed your dog in your absence. They will feed them in the same manner in which you would. Often, you may find yourself away from home and still want your dog to be fed regularly.

While you away, the dog will be left at home alone and unattended to. If that time is longer than few hours, your dog will need to eat. Without the best automatic dog feeders, your dog will have to stay hungry until you come back home.

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Top 7 Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews

​1. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser For Dogs & Cats


Use Arf Pets Automatic Pet feeder food dispenser to keep your dog on dietary plan without a hassle in your absentia. I picked it at number one spot because of its amazing features and its friendly price.

Use Arf Pets Automatic Pet feeder food dispenser to keep your dog on dietary plan without a hassle in your absentia

I picked it at number one spot because of its amazing features and its friendly price.

This automatic feeder dispenser will help you personalize your dog’s feeding routine using an easy to use user interface and a blue Lightup LCD clock. In addition, the customization interface will allow you set your dog’s meals to up to 4 times a day.

This automatic pet feeder will dispense 1 to 10 proportions of food per meal. By controlling each portion which holds 24ml of food, your dog will eat with ease without vomiting or bloat. If you have that voice you always use to call your dog for a meal, you can record it and this feeder will play it when the meal time comes.


  • Dispenses from 1 to 10 proportions, each 24 ml per meal.
  • You will be able to set 4 meal distribution alarms.
  • Easy to use customization panel, with blue light up LCD clock & Display.
  • It has a close magnetic lid.
  • Records up to 10 seconds of meal time voice calls.
  • Comes with 3D power batteries and DC power cables that can fit into wall outlets.


  • The scheduling clock is too prone to setting errors.

​2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply feed Automatic Feeder


This product is made by a company passionate about creating a great relationship between you and your dog. This feeder is a revolutionary home machine that will feed your dog with ease and without complications.

I picked this in the second position because I realized that most people prefer feeders that will serve more meals per day. Well, this Petsafe Healthy Automatic feeder will store 24 cups on its hopper of food and dispense up to 12 meals per day.

The dispenser will allow you to program proportions of dry to moist foods from 1/8 cup to 24 cups. With this feeder, you will also be able to control the feeding rate of your dog. It can provide a slow feeding rate which takes up to 15 minutes.


  • Has a translucent hopper that will store more food up to 24 cups.
  • Programs and dispenses up to 12 meals per day.
  • Provides a proportioning program that will allow small proportions from 1/8 cup to 4 cups.
  • Has a bowl holder, prevents messy situations and keeps the bowl steady.


  • The closing lid is flimsy and a little complicated to program.

​3. Petmate Pet Café Feeder- 6 lbs


Petmate Pet café feeder- 6 lbs gravity feeder is my price friendly choice for you. It has a simple design that it is easy to use and saves time as well. It will help you replenish the feeding bowl while your dog is eating.

It has a transparent large storage hopper that comes with a lid for a quick refill and a thorough cleaning. It also features plastic feeding reservoir that has fashionable bases for easy grabbing and moving.

It will suit dog owners like you who are always busy and held up. It does not require batteries, cable outlets and any other accessories. It will definitely favor your wallet.


  • The transparent hopper and lid on top provide ease of cleaning.
  • Made of environmentally friendly PET and PVC bottles
  • Comes in a variety of colors that will match any home décor.
  • Also comes in different sizes which give a range of choice to choose from.


  • Food may require a shake to fill the feeding reservoir.

​4. Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder


Are you looking for a modern, real time monitoring automatic pet feeder? And you can be a little more generous with your wallet? Feed and Go Automatic pet feeder has an inbuilt web cam that will enable you to monitor your dog’s feeding routine in real time from your smartphone.

It will relay notifications if your dog has been fed and can also allow you to control multiple feeders from your smartphone. It works on iOS, Android or Windows smartphones. It will use WIFI or SMS to create a communication between your smartphone and the feeder.

With these amazing features, you will, have to be a little more generous with your wallet. Get assured that you will rip maximum time saving and ability to monitor your dog’s feeding routine far from home.


  • Dispense solid, moist or wet foods and even medications.
  • The webcam allows real time monitoring and control.
  • The dog feeder has a strong locking lid.
  • The user portal on the user website is easy to navigate and neat. It can be accessed on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • One time feeds or regular feeds can be set on one profile.
  • Can feed in proportions, six compartments each holds up to 8oz cup size.


  • The closing and opening mechanism is tight and might require two hands to open and close it.

5. PetSafe 5 meal-Automatic Pet Feeder


If you are a dog owner on-the-go, this one will be the most suitable for you. Are you also tired of the pesky early morning calls from your dog? This feeder will absolutely address your situation with no doubt.

It will allow you to store up to 5 meals for your dog every day. It is also suitable if you are putting your dog on a weight loss diet. It offers a convenient meal proportion control.

The dry food sections can store one cup of food each. It is suitable for small and medium dogs. It has a timer that will enable you to set the time and schedule your dog’s feeding time. The time is digitally programmable in one-hour increments.


    • Monitor your dog’s diet with this feeder. It will enable you to control the proportions for your dog and keep your dog healthy.
    • The easy to use timer will enable you to keep an accurate schedule for your dog at a range of one-hour increments.
    • This feeder is dish washable; it will not be an uphill task while cleaning it.
    • The five one cup sections will enable you to store 5 meals for your dog while you are away.
    • It operates on 4d batteries that last up to 12 months.


    • It has a simple opening that your dog might figure out how to open and feed on the other meals.

​6. GemPet 5 meal Trays Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs


GemPet 5 meal Trays automatic Pet Feeder will give you full control over your dog’s or cat feeding food portions. It comes with a five-part compartment tray to fill up to 240 ml of dry or semi-dry food. 

It can hold a total capacity of 1.2 liters of food per day. The trays are completely removable for cleaning or replacement.

It has two power options; you can either plug it into your regular wall socket or power it with 4C sized batteries. It has power shortage warning minimizing a possibility of leaving the dog starving the whole day. The feeder will go on standby mode every 25 seconds if there is no activity on it saving your electricity bill.


  • Provides a feeding tray with 5 individual feeding compartments.
  • Has a large storage capacity. The compartments can each hold 24 ml of dry and semi-dry foods.
  • The chance of the dog missing a meal is minimum.
  • Voice messages can be recorded on it to call the dog before each mealtime.
  • The standby mode will save on electricity bill.


  • The programming interface is user unfriendly, and the lid can be opened by cunny cats and puppies.

7. HoneyGuardian A25 Automatic Pet Feeder


This pet feeder tops at number five for its ability to provide a reliable and precise feeding environment for medium and small dog owners. It has been made by an experienced and passionate pet product company.

It has a user-friendly programmable panel that will enable you program up to 6 meals in a day.

You will be able to schedule the exact time your puppy will eat. To store your puppy’s food is a translucent hopper that has a capacity to hold food of up to 12 cups.

The device features an infrared detection to keep the amount of food on the feeding bowl at the exact height. This will stop the food from spilling or jamming on the dispensing door. You will also be able to record meal time voice calls for your puppy, and when the time is right according to your settings, the feeder will call the dog.


    • Will feed flexible food proportions from 1/32 cup to 4 cups per meal.
    • Can program up to 6 meals in a day.
    • The hopper has a large capacity for you to store food of up to 3.3 pounds of dry food.
    • A built in recorder and speakers for recording and playing 12 seconds long meal time voice calls.
    • The infrared detection will keep the food from spilling or jamming the dispensing opening.
    • Has ultra-low power consumption.


    • It has integrated feeding bowl, which will be hard to clean it separately.

Why do you need an Automatic dog feeder?

​With automatic dog feeders, you will need just to program it so that it will feed your dog at the right time. It will also give your dog the right size of food. Some will dispense up to 12 meals for your dog in a day.

​This will ensure that your dog does not stay hungry the whole day, but instead it will have a regular eating routine.

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​Some important features to look for in an automatic dog feeder

• Programming

​It should come with a clear and understandable programming manual and instructions. The LCD screen; if it uses one should have an easy user interface.

​• Number of meals

​Your dog feeding dispenser should be able to allow you to program more than 3 meals per day. This is so that your dog can have complete meals in a day while you are not at home.

​• Size of the food

​Does the automatic dog feeder dispenser control the size of the dog’s food portition? It should have a rationing program that will allocate different proportions. Some, for instance, will come with infrared detections that will cut the levels of food when they are reached.


​• Hopper and bowl

​How big is your dog’s feeder hopper? Is it transparent? A good automatic dog feeder should have a large and sturdy hopper so that it can keep the food dry and fresh. It should also enable you to store enough food for your dog.

The hopper should be transparent so that you can monitor the level of food. It will also add visibility when cleaning it. The bowl should provide a comfortable and humble feeding area for your dog.

​• Safety

​Some of the dogs may turn cunny and try to unlock the feeder’s lid so that they can eat more food. Your dog’s dispenser should have safe lid locks and also be free of harmful chemicals.


​Type of pet feeders you should know

There are generally two main types of pet feeders. They include Gravity feeders and Electronic feeders.

​1. Gravity pet feeders

These dog feeders use gravity to fill the feeding Bowl. They are characterized by a raised dispenser and underneath are bowls where the food falls into. The dogs are fed from these bowls.

The dog will feed from the bowl until it depletes all the food and then more food will fall from the hopper into the bowl until it is refilled. When the bowl is full, the jam created between the container and the hopper will stop the filling process.

​Gravity dog feeders have several advantages and limitations.


  • They have a simple set up than other types of dog feeders.
  • They are simple to clean and wash.
  • Do not need a power supply to work


  • There is no controlled feeding rate which may lead to bloating and vomiting.
  • With gravity feeders, your dog will not have a controlled and monitored diet which might lead to obesity.

​2. Electronic pet feeders

These are modernized dog feeders that will enable you to control the time, meal size and how many times your dog will feed in a day. They will feed your dog whether you are at home or away but for a specified period of time.

They come with different features, which include an LCD screen or a countdown time that will enable you to program the way your dog will feed. On them are also dispensers that will serve foods to your dog.

With these feeders, you can adjust the portion of the foods you want your dog to eat. The LCD screen will enable you to develop a customized feeding routine for your dog. Some of these feeders will come with voice recorders so that you can record a voice call for your dog.

Electronic pet feeders have advantages and limitations.


  • You can fully control food, time of feeding and the number of meals per day for your dog.
  • They will control the amount of food your dog is feeding which prevents blotting and vomiting.
  • You can use it as diet control for your dog, keeping your dog safe and healthy.
  • Some of the hoppers of the electronic feeders will store a large quantity of food.Your dog will not run out of food.
  • It will automatically serve your dog when the time is right without your supervision.
  • The voice calls you will record on some of these feeders will give your dog a homey environment even if you are not there.


  • ​You may require a little bit of instruction and knowledge to program the food schedule for your dog.
  • The dispensers may fail to work and leave your dog starving.
  • Electronic Automatic pet feeders will be more suitable for a dog owner than a Gravity pet feeders especially if you are an on-the-go dog owner .


The health of your dog is very important. You should make sure that your dog is always fed to remain healthy whether you are around or away. The best automatic dog feeder must have the qualities to keep your dog satisfied and healthy. For our case, we would like to recommend Arf Pets Automatic Pet feeder Food dispenser for Dogs & cats which will keep your dog on dietary plan without a hassle and in your absentia.

Unlike other feeders in our review, you will be able to personalize your dog’s feeding routine using an easy to use user interface, a blue Lightup LCD clock and set your dog’s meals to up to 4 times a day.

Over and above, this automatic feeder will dispense 1 to 10 proportions of food per meal each of 24 ml of dry food each day. With this dispenser at home, your dog will not stay hungry and will not be furious at you when you return home.

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