A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Brush For a Goldendoodle


Dog’s are man’s best friends; this surely goes without any doubt. Recently, there has been a constant increase in the number of people keeping hybrid dogs such as Goldendoodle. What is the dog breed you currently have by the way?

If it is a Goldendoodle, then this article is specifically meant for you. Being that it is a cross of Poodle and Golden Retriever, it has a curly coat that needs some regular maintenance. Having the best brush for a Goldendoodle will allow you to do the grooming on your own without having to pay any money.

You must use the specific brush for a Goldendoodle. This is because every dog breed has its own recommended brushes just like it is the case with the best brush for Pitbulls. Using a brush meant for a specific dog breed on a different breed of dog is not recommended.

Here is a close look at the best brushes that I usually use on my Goldendoodle:
1. Chris Christensen A5III Brush- best slicker brush
2. JW Pet Dog brush- best brush for sensitive skin
3. FURminator Slick Brush- best double-sided slicker brush
4. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush- best pin brush
5. Tailmate Brush Comb- best dual-purpose bristle and pin brush

The Best Brush For a Goldendoodle: Product Review

Dog brushes are available in the market in plenty but getting the best brush for a particular breed is always a daunting task. Getting the ideal one for the Goldendoodle dog is even more challenging.

But the very moment that you set your eyes on this article, know that you rescued yourself from this hassle. Here are the best 5 brushes that you can consider for use on your best friend.





  • Ideal for daily brushing of pets with sensitive skin
  • 95%

  • Less coat damage
  • 90%

  • Removes surface mats and detangles and smooths fur without pulling
  • 90%

  • Light-weight solid beech wood body
  • 97%

  • Eco-friendly material to environment and pet
  • Anti-slip handle
  • 99%

    1. JW Pet Slicker Brush- Best Brush for Sensitive Skin

    Have you noticed that your Goldendoodle has some sort of skin sensitivity? But remember he still needs some grooming nevertheless. The JW Pet Slicker Brush is what you need for such kind of a dog.

    Its rounded head together with the angled soft pins is meant to offer some comfort during the process of brushing. Don’t mistake the gentleness of these pins to mean that they are ineffective. All the shedding and dead fur will be nowhere to be seen.

    Lest I forget; this brush is enemy number one to matting. Wherever I used it, I was sure that no traces of matting would be left behind. Its ergonomically designed non-slip handle ensured that I felt comfortable while grooming the dog. Grooming your dog should be fun and not a chore when using this brush.


    • Perfect performance
    • Non-slip grip
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to cleanup bristles
    • Very sturdy


    • Sharp bristles
    • Huge for small and medium-sized dogs

    2. Chris Christensen A5III Mark III Brush- Best Slicker Brush

    The Mark III is a slicker brush from Chris Christensen. This brush will give the best results for your dog. In fact, I have used it before, and I was overwhelmed by the outcome. You could think my dog was going for a modeling show.

    It did the job perfectly well that there was no damage caused to the dog’s coat. Both my comfort and that of the dog was prioritized with this brush. The grip offered by the handcrafted wooden handle and high-quality pins were responsible for the comfort. 

    Underneath the base that is made of flexible base lies ¼-inch foam to make the Goldendoodle dog comfortable. This allowed for brushing the undercoat without any form of injury inflicted on my pet.

    The ergonomic design of its handle that features contours and a unique shape helped in eliminating fatigue by ensuring that my wrist was always at a constant angle and hence no strain and fatigue.


    • Gentle on dogs
    • Easy to clean up
    • Comfortable wooden handle
    • Durable
    • High-quality brush


    • Too small handle
    • A bit costly

    3. FURminator Slicker Brush- Best Double-Sided Slicker Brush

    The FURminator Slicker Brush is another great tool that will minimize your visits to your local pet stylist. My very tight daily schedule doesn’t allow for these visits, so this brush saved me a lot. My Goldendoodle dog is always a happier friend because I use this brush on him.

    Bid goodbye to wrist strain and fatigue through this brush’s ergonomic design. The perfect job it does to disentangle fur has always helped in getting rid of any traces of matting on my dog. This leaves behind a very shiny and healthy coat.

    The brush is an eco-friendly type making it a great inclusion on the list of potential choices I always have to consider. There is absolutely no infringement that it has ever left on my dog’s skin.


    • Deep brushing
    • Bristles are easy to clean
    • Comfortable handle
    • Well designed
    • Very effective


    • Small in size

    4. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush- Best Pin Brush

    This Oval Pin Brush is another great one from Chris Christensen. At the mention of its name, I know that durability and high-quality is what comes to your mind. It has always helped me get through those knots that have formed on my dog’s coat with a lot of ease.

    All its tips are polished and ground. This gives the smoothest brush-through you will ever come across. I bet your dog will be dead asleep while you go about with your grooming. He will be enjoying this painless experience.

    The solid beech from which it has been made makes it lightweight. And due to that, I have been able to use it for long durations continuously without feeling any strain on the wrist. The non-slip grip handle fits comfortably into the palms.

    Its size of 8.5 inches makes it compact and easy to transport whenever I find myself going for trips and outings with my Goldendoodle dog. Its pins are made of stainless steel which is known for durability and maintenance of shape even when used in tough knots.


    • No harsh points
    • High-quality brush
    • Makes grooming easier and quicker
    • Flexible pins
    • Durable
    • Compact and lightweight


    • Its base is not rigid
    • A bit costly

    5. Tailmate Double Sided Bristle and Pin Brush- Best Dual Bristle and Pin Brush

    The last but not least on our list is a double-sided bristle and pin brush from Tailmate. What does it have that the other four don’t have? Well, it has rounded pins that are capable of making deep penetrations into the coat.

    With that, I have been able to thoroughly comb through my dog’s coat. It is fitted with a relatively comfortable handle that has a lot of grip. The handle is the anti-slip type. The bristles are sturdy and did not at any moment break or stick in the course of my operations.

    Being that it is double-sided makes it perfect for use in any kind of dog hair. The materials used in its design are all eco-friendly making disposal a breeze.


    • Easy to operate
    • Strong
    • Made from eco-friendly materials
    • Anti-slip and comfortable handle
    • Works well on any kind of hair


    • The deep-penetrating bristles can cause injury if not properly handled

    Tips to keep your dog’s coat shiny

    Your dog’s well-being and overall health is highly dependent on his shiny and sleek coat. Although there are dogs that are generally prone to skin problems, there are others that are not. But generally, here are some tips that could help give your dog that desirable coat:

    • Addition of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to your pet’s diet. Fish oil and flaxseed supplements are known to support healthy skins and shiny coats in dogs. These oils must be correctly stored to avoid the fatty acids being oxidized. Their effects are only visible after 6 plus weeks.
    • Feed your dog on quality food. Feed your dog with this, I mean properly balanced food with almost all nutrients available. The absence of nutrients in a dog is always manifested in the coat. Examples being puppies subjected to low- fat diets that always end up having coarse hair accompanied by skin lesions at times. Dog foods like NUTRO MAX dog food can just do fine in keeping your dog healthy.
    • A proper bathing routine for your dog is another important aspect of ensuring your dog has a shiny and healthy coat. I always ensure that I bathe my dog on a weekly basis. Ideally, once a month is the recommended routine. Do not make it too often as it can deprive your dog of natural oils. In the process, make sure that you use an organic conditioner and moisturizing shampoo like Rocco and Roxie to eliminate skin irritation.
    • Regular brushing and de-shedding to ensure removal of dead skin and hair as well as the production of sufficient skin oils. This helps in the promotion of hair growth and in the process a healthy and clean coat is realized. A good de-shedding brush like Dog brush Grooming Tool will do you so much good.
    • Herbal intervention such as spirulina and horsetail. The former is rich in vitamin B and carotenoids while the latter is rich in silica all of which are needed for the maintenance of healthy coats. Other herbal dog essentials like Mushroom Advance Immune will boost your dog’s coat immunity against infections.



    A healthy dog is a healthy one. Apart from just looking at the appearance of your most adored pet, remember that brushing makes him even healthier. This is only possible if we get it right with the brush that we choose to groom him.

    The Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is the best brush for a Goldendoodle that we would like to recommend among the five that we reviewed. It’s polished, and ground tips are smooth and comfortable in your dog’s coat. It also boasts of compactness and being lightweight which is so ideal for any dog brush due to the grip that they offer.

    Have you gained some information when it comes to maintaining your Goldendoodle dog? Is there any question that you’ve got? Feel free to speak your mind.


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