Can-dogs-eat-artichoke ?

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke ? Here is The Surprise of Your Life

You are probably having your tasty artichokes and as is normal, you feel tempted to share whatever you are eating with your canine companion. Probably you don’t want to seem mean or you just want him to get the same nutrients as those you are getting from the artichoke. But can dogs eat artichoke?

Read on and learn the facts on artichoke and whether you can feed your loyal companion friend on it. 

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke? Simple Answer


Yes, dogs can eat artichoke but in moderation. Feel guilty no more and share your artichoke with your pup for it is not toxic. Feeding your dog on small doses of artichoke which is cut into small pieces makes it easy for your canine companion to eat and also eases the digestion process.

How Should The Artichoke Be Served to The Dog?


Considering the fact that dogs have a sensitive digestive system, it is only right that you serve artichoke in the best way possible to avoid it having adverse effects on your canine companion.

  • Raw Artichoke

Artichoke is best served to your canine companion while raw. This will ensure that the pup gets the maximum nutrients that the artichoke has to offer. Simply get rid of the outer leaves and cut it into small pieces which your dog can easily chew.

  • Unseasoned artichoke

When you want to feed your pup on roasted artichoke, ensure that it is unseasoned. Seasonings such as salt, sauces, garlic powder and onions are unsafe, unhealthy and poisonous for your loyal canine companion. 

Health Benefits Associated with Giving Artichokes to Your Dog


There are some amazing benefits of including artichokes to the veggie diet of your canine friend. They are:

  • Artichokes have antioxidants

Among all veggies, artichokes have the highest antioxidant content as per a study conducted by the USDA. The antioxidants destroy free radicals, which are dangerous particles which lead to genetic mutations. Among the antioxidants found in artichokes are: silymarin, rutin, luteolin and anthocyanins.

  • Boost immunity

Artichokes contain niacin, dietary fiber, potassium and folate which minimize the probability of the occurrence of inflammation and boosts your dog’s immunity. In the end, your dog will have an increased lifespan to extend its loyalty to you.

The antioxidants in artichokes also have strong anti-aging effects. Dogs which feed on foods rich in antioxidants are quick at learning tasks. To add to that, senior dogs which feed on food rich in antioxidants rarely suffer from behavioral changes associated with old age.

  • Has high fiber content

The high fiber content in artichokes makes it ideal for your pup. In addition to its low fat and calorie content, it helps your canine companion to fill up faster and for longer periods of time. This means that your pup’s belly will remain full and still consume fewer calories. Your pup will not be at a risk of getting obese or overweight. 

Wrapping Up

Can dogs eat artichoke? Yes they can. You only need to remember that moderation is key. Artichokes are healthy food to your canine friend, just as they are to you. They have plenty of benefits to your pup that you would not want him to miss out on.

Avoid the possibility of chocking by cutting the artichoke into small pieces which your dog can comfortably chew. Feed your dog on plain raw artichoke for it to get the maximum health benefits.

Kindly comment on the article on any issue of concern. Where you have any question, feel free to ask since we have the answers. 

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