Can Dogs Eat Cilantro: Why Don’t We Find Out Together?

There are herbs that are beneficial to your dog’s health while at the same time others are harmful. There are others that are not only harmful but toxic to your canine friend. So where does cilantro fall? Can dogs eat cilantro?

All you want for your dog is good health and nothing short of that. Anything that compromises on this should be totally eliminated. With this at the back of our minds, let’s see if it is appropriate to give cilantro to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cilantro?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Dogs are those creatures that rarely say no to any food at their disposal. So, if by any chance your dog finds cilantro, he will eat it up. But is it good for his body system?

Is Cilantro of any Benefit to The Dog’s Body?


Cilantro, better known by others as coriander, is in most occasions used for seasoning of dishes like salsa, chicken and spaghetti among others. The main purpose of cilantro in these meals is to spice them up.

In most cases, cilantro is normally used a lot in human foods. Could dogs also gain the same way as humans from this spice? This is what we want to look at in this section.

There are lots of nutritional benefits of cilantro in the dog’s body. Firstly, they are home to antifungal, anticancer as well as antibacterial agents. These are very important for the dog’s health and well-being in general.

Cilantro also contains Vitamin A which is important for the dog’s immune system and proper organ operations. The vitamin is also good for the proper development of your dog’s eyesight.

This herb contains Vitamin C which is needed by dogs for bone formation as well as regulation of blood clotting. Again there is Vitamin K which ensures that skin, connective tissues of all sorts and blood vessels are properly created and maintained.

The herb is also rich in minerals like magnesium which goes directly to nerve transmission, regulated metabolism as well as muscle contraction. Dogs should have their bones and dental health properly functioning. The mineral that is responsible for this is Calcium which is also found in cilantro.

There are also high amounts of iron in cilantro and this is great news to dogs that need extra red blood cells in their bodies. You see how important this herb is to your dog’s health system?

What Amount of Cilantro Should be Given to Dogs?


Moderate amounts of cilantro are beneficial to the dog just as you have seen in the previous section. The herb should be introduced to the dog’s meals in small amounts then observations made to ensure that the dog doesn’t show some allergic reactions thereafter.

If you can ascertain that the dog isn’t allergic to this product then you can give it to her once after some time but in small amounts. Don’t give the herb directly to your dog; just a pinch of its seasoning can be mixed with her specialized dog foods for the best eating experience.

Wrapping Up

So, can dogs eat cilantro? There is barely anything that dogs can’t eat. Cilantro is one spice that dogs can’t resist. But you shouldn’t worry a lot when you see your dog eat this herb. As you have seen, it is of great nutritional value to the furry friend’s body system.

Once you have introduced this stuff into your dog’s diet, make sure that you provide it routinely and in a consistent manner. Make sure you introduce foods containing this spice in a manner that won’t lead to stomach upset. We hope all your concerns have been well addressed.

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