Can Dogs Eat Goldfish Crackers? Here Is What You Need To Know


If there are animals that aren’t choosy when it comes to what goes into their bodies then these must be dogs. These creatures eat everything and anything that comes their way. Actually, my little canine friend rarely says no to food; I wonder from which planet it came from.

How about yours? Do you share the same story as mine? Well, there are some foodstuffs that are beneficial while others aren’t for your dog. Where does goldfish fall? Can dogs eat goldfish?

This is another area that has often left many dog owners guessing as it hasn’t been well-addressed in the past. Your reliable dog’s site, however, has got you covered. By the time you’ll be done with this piece, all your questions will have been answered.

Are Goldfish Safe For Your Dog?


Now, this is the question that must be troubling you now. One thing that you need to know is that goldfish can be found in different forms; one being in the form of crackers and Goldfish in their natural form. But can dogs eat goldfish crackers nevertheless? What of the natural Goldfish? If not, then why?

You can give your furry friend some goldfish crackers but in little amounts. Goldfish crackers aren’t that healthy for dogs. Did you know about this before? I hope you haven’t been feeding your dog on these foods in large quantities.

On the other hand, the natural Goldfish isn’t that bad for your dog but feeding her on these creatures will definitely make her able to tolerate crackers in the same measure.

This shouldn’t make you panic at all. You still have time to correct the wrongs and that’s why this is a very important topic for you. Read along.

What Makes Goldfish Crackers Unsafe For Dogs?


Goldfish crackers have been found to contain little amounts of onion powder and some generic spices that aren’t good for dogs. Even though these ingredients are available in small quantities, they are not okay for your dog’s well-being.

Of great concern are garlic and onions that shouldn’t be found anywhere near dogs. The crackers also contain high salt levels (up to about 250mg in a human serving). Well, you aren’t likely to feed your friend on such huge amounts of the delicacy, otherwise, what will you remain with to enjoy? But, generally salt isn’t good for your dogs’ health.

Your dog just needs a small amount of salt in her body system. Higher salt levels in dogs normally cause hypernatremia which often leads to a lack of water in the dog’s body. Unlike us, dogs have very poor sodium extraction mechanisms and that’s why the salt levels in their foods should be as low as possible.

How Do You Know That Your Dog Is Suffering From Salt Toxicity?

The high salt levels in Goldfish crackers can cause your dog to have:

  • Seizures
  • Increased thirst
  • Swellings
  • paw
    Frequent urination
  • paw
  • paw

Whenever you notice any of these symptoms, contact your veterinary for assistance. Otherwise that little canine friend of yours can make your entire stay in your own house impossible. The kinds of smells from her bowels won’t be bearable.

Things To Consider Whenever You Feel Like Feeding Your Dog On Some Little Goldfish Crackers


Just as I have mentioned above, your dog can enjoy some little amounts of Goldfish crackers once in a while. However, whenever this is to be done, please ensure that you provide your little friend with plenty of clean and safe water afterward.

The water will aid the dog in excreting excess sodium off her body. Additionally, you need to keep the number of crackers as low as possible; too much of them can make your dog gain excess weight. Maintaining an obese dog is quite costly so you need to prevent such from occurring.

Lastly, always check the ingredients of the Goldfish cracker and seek guidance from a veterinary officer before going ahead to feed your dog on crackers. Why do I say so? There might be some ingredients in the crackers that your dog might be allergic to


So, can dogs eat goldfish? There is absolutely nothing that bars you from feeding your dog on Goldfish. It is only the crackers that are a bit harmful and should, therefore, be provided to dogs in regulated amounts. The amount that the furry friend takes shouldn’t be any closer to what you are about to take.

Can dogs eat Goldfish? Now, you got everything you needed to know about this topic. Do you still have any questions about this issue? Have you learned anything new? Well, I’ll be glad to hear from you.


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