Get To Understand Your Dog Better: Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges?

Once you become a dog owner, there is nothing that you will desire as much as having your pooch looking healthy and happy. This means that you have to satisfy its needs by making sure it gets the right meals, grooming and exercise. When it comes to the meals, at times you may not be sure about what your doggie should eat. 



All you know is that your canine friend has to eat a balanced diet. Your dog may sometimes give you that desperate look when you are consuming human foods like fruits. If you can’t understand dog body language, you may start scratching your head trying to interpret the message your dog is trying to pass to you. Can dogs eat fruits? Can dogs eat mandarin oranges? What impact could mandarin oranges have on your dog? These are just some of the few questions that might cross your mind.


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Basic Truth On Whether Dogs Can Eat Mandarin Oranges

Dogs can eat mandarin oranges only in small amounts and without peels. Large servings will certainly cause your dog stomach complications. This is because the digestive system of dogs has not been modified to digest fruits yet mandarin oranges are citrus fruits. Mandarin oranges are a source of vitamins which are essential for proper growth and development of your canine friend.


The sugar content in mandarins is high, giving you all the reasons to feed your dog on mandarin oranges in small amounts. Once your dog eats a portion of the mandarin orange, keep re-evaluating its condition and if you notice negative reactions, be quick to take your doggy to the veterinarian.

Benefits of Mandarin Oranges

If your dog’s kibble contains all the components that make its diet balanced, it does not need fruits to supplements its diet. If you can’t have your mandarin oranges all by yourself, sharing just a little with your canine friend will do it some good. Here are some benefits of mandarin oranges to your dog:

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    Enhancing a healthy immune system

The vitamin C component present in mandarin oranges plays a major role in the functioning of a fantastic immune system. The little that your canine friend consumes prevents any wounds he may have from fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Mandarin is also responsible for purifying blood since it flushes off all unwanted substances from the body of your canine friend.

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    Boosts the supply of vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to the body of your dog. This is because it aids in fighting free radicals which are unstable molecules. These unstable molecules can make your dog prone to infectious diseases. Mandarin oranges have antioxidants which prevent cellular damage and in the process disarm the unstable molecules.

In some dogs, doing a lot of exercises or having a lot of stress may interfere with the capacity of your dog’s liver to generate vitamin C. In such a case, supplementing your dog’s amount of vitamin C by giving him mandarin oranges is allowed.

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    Help in preventing complications caused by cholesterol

Mandarin oranges reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body of your canine friend thus reducing health complications caused by an influx of cholesterol. This is through the production of synephrine, a product that reduces cholesterol production in the body of your doggy.

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    Hastens the process of healing of wounds

From mandarin oranges, one can extract mandarin oils. The mandarin oil is an excellent component that helps in the growth of body cells and tissues. With this feature, if your dog has a wound, it will heal very fast.

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    Aids in weight loss

Foods that are rich in fiber are ideal for reducing weight since they tend to keep the stomach full. Mandarin oranges have quite a substantial amount of fiber. If your dog is obese, the mandarin oranges will work wonders since your dog’s desire to overeat will reduce significantly.

This will give time for your dog’s weight to reduce to a suitable level that will not cause it health complications.

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Hazards resulting from dogs consuming mandarin oranges 

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    Mandarin oranges have lots of sugars and calories. These two are not ideal for your canine companion. They make your dog prone to obesity.
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    The mandarin oranges have a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. If your dog consumes lots of mandarin oranges, this will cause it complications of the digestive system since it is not modified to digest them. The condition is known as gastrointestinal upset.
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    The peels of the mandarin oranges are also a hazard to your dog’s health. Their high citric concentration makes them harmful for your dog.


Mandarin oranges can be eaten by your dog. You just have to moderate the amount it takes and ensure that the oranges are peeled. In case your dog develops a reaction after eating some mandarin oranges, seek aid from a qualified veterinarian.

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