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The Best Brush for Pitbulls and How To Get Acquire One

All dogs require some grooming. However, there are breeds like Pitbulls whose needs are totally different from the long-haired dog breeds. They are short-coated; this makes proper grooming only possible with the best brush for Pitbulls. Such a brush has the capabilities of removing shed hair, spreading the skin’s natural oil as well as stimulating proper […]

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Best Dog Food For Beagles To Buy This Year

Count yourself very lucky if you have a beagle because these little buddies will give you all the affection you might ever need from the dog world. But that affection doesn’t come for free. It comes at a price, and one of the ways of paying for the affection is by feeding them well. By […]

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Best Dog Food For Huskies, What Do Huskies Eat?

Huskies were bred for hauling people and goods across the frozen wastelands in which there were less game to be hunted. This makes them require a low level of carbohydrates and calories to maintain their metabolism. Huskies need a high level of protein in their diet with minimal carbs and healthy fats to function best.You […]

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