What To Do If Your Dog Ate Raw Chicken?


Dogs are called by many names such as human’s four-legged friend or a man’s best friend. If you notice closely, all of these nicknames suggest one thing, that the relationship between human and dog is very special.

When you adopt or buy a canine and bring them into their house, you get attached to them very quickly; they become an inseparable part of your lives. You will find yourself to be spending time with your pet from sleeping to even eating. Before people even bring their pet home, they buy their beds and other necessary items

Another necessary part that often gets overlooked after a while is the nutritional needs of your puppy. Especially for first-time pet owners, it becomes difficult to take care of the pet 24 x7. The recklessness will begin to show in meals first. A lot of the pet owners start feeding their canines the food that they prepare for themselves. But, the nutritional requirement of dogs differ from breed to breed. In general, they are very different to that of humans. 

Some dogs need more calcium where others need less fat. If their diet is not in coordination with their nutritional requirement then it could lead to many health-related problems for the puppy. Not only will it be painful for the dog to endure and for you to watch, it will also mean a long and elaborate doctor’s bill. Your dog may even need surgery.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important health-related factors when it comes to canines and some of the things that you could do to make sure that your canine is getting the proper nutrition that it needs.

Diet Of A Canine

Most of us who have the honor of having a dog in our lives love them more than anything in the world. A part of loving them is giving our canines the best care possible. Buying them toys and the comfiest bed is a one-time investment. Food is also a part of caring for your dog, but since it is a daily thing, we might lag behind sometimes.

Like humans, the dogs also need proper nutrition to function well. Some people prefer to feed their dog’s home-made food while some people prefer to get packed food instead. It doesn’t matter where you get food for your dog as long as their food has the four essential nutrients.

  • Fats that include the essential fatty acids.
  • Protein along with other major nutrients.
  • Energy.
  • Minerals, vitamins, and other essential micro-nutrients. 

Pre-Packed Food

You would hope that since there is special food available for dogs then they would at least have all four nutrients in them but that is not the case when it comes to the pre-packed food for dogs. Not everyone has the time cook meals for themselves, let alone their dogs. So, they don’t have much option other than having to purchase pre-packaged food.

Whenever you go shopping for food, you should pay close attention to the label. The label should have a statement, which says that that the food has been made according to the pre-set standards of an internationally recognized organization, for example, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). 

Tips by AAFCO when you choose food for your dog

The nutritional content of the food for your dog should be evenly distributed according to the quantity of the food and the volume. Your canine’s stool should not be loose. If it is then you will know that the nutritional value of the food is not right.

The food has to taste good. It doesn’t matter how nutritional the food is, if it doesn’t taste good, your pet will not eat it, which is another problem altogether. You don’t want to spend so much time going to buy the perfect packaged good or prepare it yourself just to have your dog sniff it and walk away.

Home Cooked Meals


You might have heard the recent raw food eating revolution that changed the life of many animals as well as humans. A natural diet is very healthy for your well being as well as the well being of your pet. Since it is naturally balanced you don’t really have to worry about the nutritional value more than you usually would for anyone.

If you are someone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have the time to cook for your pet then a service like NomNomNow would be perfect for you. It delivers hot, home-cooked meals for your pet at your doorstep. 

Can Your Dog Eat Raw Food Like Raw Chicken?


A lot of people wonder whether they can give their dog’s raw food. You would be surprised how often people call pet hospitals asking questions like my dog ate raw chicken and whether it would be harmful to them.

The logic behind that is if we as humans consumed raw chicken then we would probably fall sick. So, this makes dog owners question whether it is okay if their dog ate raw chicken. The short answer is yes, there is nothing to really worry about if your dog ate raw chicken.

A dog’s stomach acid is stronger than us humans. So, they can digest the meat without having any issues. In fact, cooked meat’s bone is harder and the sharp edges of which can irritate the bowel. The stomach acid of a dog is between 1-2 ph whereas for humans it is 5 ph. This helps to kill any bacteria that might have been present in the protein when your dog ate raw chicken.

But, if your dog has a weak immune system then it is best to avoid any such food that might irritate the bowel system and cause your pet to fall sick. You should also try to not let your dog eat any random bird or rat that it killed.

Also, if the raw meat of any kind is not a regular part of your pet’s diet then they may develop some gastrointestinal issues. So, if your dog ate raw chicken then just keep a close eye on them for the next few hours at least and if he or she don’t look too well to you then it is best to take them to the vet. Some symptoms of your canine not being able to digest the raw meat are vomiting and diarrhea. 

Raw Food For Dogs 

Raw foods as a part of the canine’s diet all around the world are gaining popularity. Dogs are naturally carnivores, which mean that they have always consumed meat in the raw form until they were domesticated by humans as pets. It means that their immune system is naturally equipped well enough to deal with bacteria like salmonella and E. Coli. Although they might still contract the bacteria’s, the chances are still very less to that of humans.

It might be harder for a dog to digest raw meat if he or she has been fed cooked or packaged meals all their life. Certain breeds like the type of greyhounds are traditionally fed raw food as a part of their diet by some trainers. However, there is a debate going on about the situation and there are a good amount of people on both sides, which creates more confusion.

On one hand, people argue that since dogs are carnivores, it is natural for them to consume meat. But, on the other hand, people especially vegans oppose feeding your canine meat. They use the quotation from the AVMA where they discourage feeding cats and dog any kind of protein that comes from an animal source as they may develop foodborne illnesses. Although they have fewer chances than humans to develop these kinds of illnesses, however, the chances are still there. 

Specific Dog Food For Different Breeds


It might be a generalization to say that all breeds of dogs cannot or can eat meat. It differs from breed to breed. For example, some greyhounds are raised by trainers to lead an athletic life and it is a part of their regular diet to consume raw meat.

Unfortunately, people are not able to put too much effort into choosing meals which would be suitable for the dog’s particular breed. This becomes especially hard if you are buying a pre-packaged meal for your dog. There are so many options and each one of them claims to be the best among their peers. It gets confusing when each package says that their product will increase the lifespan of your dog along with giving them luscious fur.

In order to get one step ahead of all other types of dog food brands, some of the brands have come out with new products that specifically aim towards certain breeds. This is a great marketing strategy that would help companies to capitalize on the market. But, for the most times, they are sadly just a marketing gimmick that does not hold any real value.

But the answer to the question of whether breed-specific diet would help your dog or not is yes. Although it is debatable whether the pre-packaged food products in the market will fulfill that need or not, preparing meals at home for your dog that is suitable for their body type would help them.

You could ask your vet to calculate and inform you of the specific dietary requirements of your dog. For example, if you feed a breed of golden retriever a diet of high calories then they might develop some serious joint issues.

What this means is that although most of the diet will be similar for all breeds, it would help your puppy to live a happy and a healthy life if you are able to make some slight tweaks in their diet like golden retrievers need to have a proper diet in order for them to grow up with healthy and strong bones so they don’t develop joint problems later on.

The dachshunds are another example of this. Food products directed towards the dachshunds claim that the diet has certain ingredients that would help the increase of lean body mass, which would prevent back problems. This seems like a great idea since the long body-structure of dachshunds predispose them to develop back problems. But, if you paid close attention to the diet chart then you would realize that none of the ingredients used in the food would actually help to build lean muscle mass.

How To Choose Food For Your Dog?


All the different breed of dogs needing different foods definitely confuses people and makes dog owners question themselves whether they have been giving their dogs the wrong food all this while. When you go to choose a product for your dog, keep in mind that it meets your dog’s size, lifestyle, as well as the nutritional needs.

The correct nutritional is more important than the breed of your dog but they are sometimes interconnected. If you are still confused and don’t really know what to do then you could ask your vet and they will be able to help you out. A special diet chart can be recommended if your dog has any health issues that need to be addressed. This way you can make sure that your dog leads a happy and healthy life that is free from pain and disease of any kind.

These are some of the tips and general information that would help you in deciding what type of diet to give to your dog and whether it is harmful if your dog ate raw chicken or not. Dogs quickly become a very important part of our day-to-day- lives and it is necessary that we take good care of them and help them to live a life that is not only happy but also as healthy as possible. 

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