The Truth About Your Dog Throwing Up Yellow Mucus


We all love our dogs unconditionally. That is undisputable because that is the main reason why we keep them. Owning a dog makes you its only custodian who looks out for it, knows and fulfills its needs. Such needs include knowing what your canine friend will eat, getting it good shelter, knowing when it is unwell and getting the right medical attention from a qualified veterinarian in case something is not normal. Not forgetting to show it love to reciprocate its loyalty and companionship.

Have you ever found your dog throwing up yellow mucus? Did this bother you at all? This is an unusual occurrence in dogs that should be taken seriously to know its cause and how it can be sorted out. For new dog owners, you might get so worried about such an incidence. This article will provide some basic information regarding this condition so that you can know how to help your pooch.


Understanding the Condition


When your dog throws up yellow mucus, it is an indicator that he has an underlying disorder and not a disease. This disorder causes your dog too much discomfort. Vomiting of yellow mucus could be an indicator that bile is present in your dog’s vomit. This bile is the main cause of irritation in your dog’s throat, esophagus and stomach.

You are likely to confuse this disorder with other conditions in which there is the expulsion of substances through the mouth. Some of these conditions are such as coughing, expectoration and regurgitation. To deal with the situation in the most efficient manner, you need to first distinguish the disorder from other conditions which have almost similar symptoms.

For instance, regurgitation is a condition which is brought about by a malfunction of the esophagus. It occurs when food is not passed to the stomach in the right way but instead, it is ejected from the body sooner than it should. There are also respiratory complications which cause ejection of thick and clear mucus.

The most common and communicable respiratory disorder which can be easily confused with a dog throwing up yellow mucus is a kennel cough. It occurs mostly after a dog has been kenneled.

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When You Need To Consult A Veterinarian


Just as had been stated earlier, a dog throwing up yellow mucus is not a disease, but a disorder. You can simply deal with it at home in most cases but there are times when it gets chronic. In case your dog has this disorder, the right time to consult a qualified veterinarian is when you notice some red blood specks in the vomit.

Other alarming symptoms which accompany vomiting of yellow mucus in your dog are extreme shaking and a high fever. To enhance better treatment, carry a sample of the vomit for close examination.

Causes of Dog Throwing Up Yellow Mucus


Dogs can barely stay in one area for long. They are always strolling around and will eat almost every edible thing they come across. This makes them prone to many disorders of the digestive system. Throwing up yellow mucus is a common condition experienced by dogs which are in their middle age and the older ones too.

1. Bilious syndrome

The condition of a dog throwing up yellow mucus is defined as bilious vomiting syndrome. The yellow substance in your canine friend’s vomit is known as bile. Bile plays a significant role in the digestive system.

This is because it has bile acids which are responsible for the digestion as well as absorption of fat-soluble vitamins as well as fats in your dog’s small intestine. After it performs its functions, some of the bile is recycled back into the liver.

Bilious vomiting syndrome occurs when the irritant bile acids get into contact with the stomach walls. This irritates an empty stomach which causes your dog to throw up yellow mucus.

2. Intestinal blockage

Intestinal blockage is also another probable cause of your dog throwing up yellow mucus. Due to the presence of an object obstructing your dog’s intestines, it is likely to vomit yellow mucus.


  • Nausea
  • Exaggerated swallowing
  • Poor appetite
  • Retching
  • Rumbling of the stomach accompanied by upsets
  • Dehydration
  • Depression

Is the Disorder Quite Serious?


Having your canine companion show some strange symptoms is very disturbing, and most of the time you are always hoping that the strange symptom will not lead to a very complicated health problem.

The disorder of your dog throwing up yellow mucus is not a serious condition. Remember that it is caused simply by the bile coming into contact with an empty stomach and nothing more. Here are some of the serious complications you need to rule out in case your observe this disorder in your canine friend.

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Giardia infection
  • Presence of a foreign object within the digestive tract
  • Intestinal lymphoma
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

Treatment of the disorder of a dog throwing up yellow mucus


If the situation gets chronic, seeking expert assistance from a veterinarian will help you a great deal since she will determine the best treatment for your canine companion. Here are some of the most common treatments:

  • Remedy to bilious vomiting syndrome

If your dog is vomiting yellow mucus due to bilious vomiting syndrome, the perfect remedy for the condition is to feed it frequently on little amounts of food. Before you go to sleep, feed it with a healthy snack which will keep its stomach full all night long. This will prevent bile acids from having a direct negative impact on the walls of the stomach.

  • Remedy to intestinal blockage

Once a veterinarian determines internal blockage to be the main cause of your dog throwing up yellow mucus after an x-ray, a surgery will be the only remedy that can be recommended. Anesthesia will be a necessity in this case as well as hospitalization so that the veterinarian can monitor your dog’s progress day and night for about four days. Pain medication and antibiotics will be the medication prescribed for your four-legged companion.

Wrapping up

You are very right to be worried if you notice your dog throwing up yellow mucus. However, you are now aware that this is something considered normal and should only be a cause for alarm if it is persistent. The fact that it is not so strange does not mean that you should just ignore your dog even if he is showing these signs.

Has your dog ever shown a sign of throwing up yellow mucus? If yes, how did you as the owner deal with the situation? What is it as a result of the two causes that have been discussed above? Do you have another remedy in mind that you would like us to inform others about? Inform us about it using the feedback section provided below.

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  1. Hello my name is Rose I’m Snowball mom he’s 5 months old he’s s mix japaess splitz and Chihuahua he been throwing up yellow bile? Can I give him pedialite for dehydration . Are we supposed to give figs hit dogs for regular food would that hurt his stomach .


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