Elevated Dog Bowls: Are Elevated Dog Bowls Good or Bad?

Meal time has always been the best time for every being, human beings and animals alike. This is a time when comfort and peace are all one needs. I have been carefully observing my canine companion, and I realized that of all its daily activities, meal time turns out to be the best next to its play time.


Ensuring that your dog gets the best food in terms of quality is important. You also need to make sure that it takes it meals at the best place. This is where the question, “are elevated dog bowls good or bad?” for your canine companion comes in. Dog food bowls come in varying designs.

I remember when I wanted to buy a dog bowl; I faced a lot of challenges. I wasn’t sure whether to buy an elevated dog or not. The choice you make on the selection of a dog food bowl should be aimed at ensuring that your dog stays happy and remains healthy. I am sure you have at one time wondered if an elevated dog bowl is good or bad for your canine friend. Read on and get to learn the facts.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bowl For Your Doggy

I didn’t know I was required to consider the factors listed below to choose the best bowl for my dog. Lucky enough for you, I had gone through the hardship and came up with the compilation below so that you don’t go through the same difficulties.

  • Height-This is a major factor to consider since one that is too high or too low will make your dog strain its back, neck and shoulders as it reaches out for food from the bowl.
  • The materials used to make the bowl-There are popular materials for making dog bowls such as ceramic, plastic and steel.
  • Budget allocated for the dog bowl-It does not have to be too expensive. It only needs to serve you and your dog as per your expectations.
  • Portability-This is a consideration that you need to make if you travel with your canine friend most of the time.

Advantages of Having an Elevated Dog Bowl For Your Canine Friend


Veterinarians recommend that dogs of huge breeds and the geriatric dogs feed using elevated dog bowls, as well as dogs with health complications.

As your dog takes food from an elevated dog bowl, it gains a good posture. Any strain on its neck, shoulders, joints and hips is reduced. This could be of great importance to dogs suffering from arthritis, as well as the aged dogs.

Who doesn’t like his or her work simplified? An elevated dog bowl will certainly simplify your work. As you fill your dog’s bowl with food, you will not have to bend all the way to reach it at the ground level. This reduces strain on your back.

Having your canine friend eat from an elevated dog bowl will ensure that its feeding area is clean, compared to when it eats from a bowl placed on the floor. It also keeps dog food away from ants.

Cleaning an elevated dog bowl is quite easy since you will no longer have to get on your hands and knees to clean the feeding area. An elevated dog bowl will allow you to clean the feeding surface by simply wiping off dirt from the feeding surface.

An elevated dog bowl will ease your dog’s access to water and food. This, in turn, makes the movement of food from the mouth all the way to the stomach quite easy.

Reduces the instances when the dog indulges in a poor behavior. Your dog might have adopted a habit of splashing water from its bowl, to the ground. Getting an elevated dog bowl will help you reduce the mess.

As your dog eats from a bowl placed on the ground, you must have noticed that the bowl slides on the floor. This might make it hard for your doggy to enjoy its meal. An elevated dog bowl offers a stable feeding ground for your canine friend, such that it will not have to chase after its own food.

Deciding on The Best Height of An Elevated Dog Bowl For Your Doggy


Getting an elevated dog bowl with the right height for your canine friend is very vital. A very effortless way of doing this is by measuring the distance from the floor to the shoulder of your dog. From the length you get, subtract 6” for large dogs and 3” from tiny dogs. This will give you the right height to which you should elevate your dog’s food bowl.

Disadvantages of Having An Elevated Dog Bowl For Your Canine Friend

Elevated dog bowls are more expensive compared to the standard feeding bowls. It is a worthy investment because its benefits to your dog are plenty.

Some studies have shown that elevated dog bowls are one of the reasons why dogs are at a risk of developing bloats. If your dog is a member of a breed known for being prone to having bloats, using a raised diner is quite a risk. Bloat disorder of canine companions is quite dangerous. It leads to a condition which causes the stomach of your dog to twist in on itself. It interferes with blood circulation and leads to extensive damage. This condition is known as gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV).

Myths Associated With Using Elevated Dog Bowls

I have had many dog owners believe in some myths that I would like to shed some light on. I am making my stand on these myths from experience, and therefore please trust my verdict concerning these myths.

  • Bloat in large dog breeds is reduced significantly by the use of the elevated dog food bowls. This is a myth. According to a study done, use of elevated dog bowls can induce bloating of dogs.
  • Elevated dog bowls will help promote your dog’s clean eating habits. The extent of the height of your dog’s food bowl does not affect the extent to which it spills kibble from the bowl to the ground. The eating habit of dogs will always make them spill water and food from their bowls.

Recommended Elevated Dog Bowls For You

We all care for the well-being of our pets, but finding the best elevated dog bowls can be tricky at times. It is worth taking your time and going for one that will serve your dog for long.

Consider how the manufacturers of the elevated dog bowl have strived to reduce any mess ups, prevent skidding and also the sizes of the bowls. Here are some of the elevated dog bowls that might be worth checking.

1. Pawfect Pets Premium Elevated Dog and Cat Feeder

This elevated dog bowl is great for giving comfort to the dog when feeding; it also promotes good digestion and reduces stooging back pains that are commonly witnessed in dogs with arthritis.

 It comes with 4 stainless steel bowls in total, two of which are extra bowls. This feeder is spill proof since it weighs about 3 pounds hence strong dogs cannot spill the food over.  

It also has silicone rings that keep the bowls in place, reducing the risk of the food being spilled.  The stand is constructed from a sturdy bamboo wood. This type of wood is good with better water-resistant qualities. Besides its proper construction, it is also beautifully designed meaning that it will perfectly fit your home décor.

2. Meat pet Brands Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog

Are you tired of the mess that your pet dog leaves behind every time after feeding? If you are then this elevated bowl will provide a good solution to that. It has spill and splash chambers that separate water spills from food splashes. The water drains down to where they are collected while the food remains on top.

The feeder is created for dogs that weigh between 30 to 100 pounds. It has two bowls, a 7-cup bowl and 9 cups extra water bowl. To ensure that it does not skid when the dog steps on it, the feeder comes with 4 non-skid inserts.

What is good about this feeder is that it is elevated enough so that it gives the dog the best position to feed. This makes it good for joints and digestion. The front wall height is 9.5-inches and the bowl height is 8-inches.

3. PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder

This is another great feeder for your pet. It is available in two versions, tall version and the short version for small dogs and cats. It is constructed from a special pine tree which is coated with 3 seals. This makes it water resistant and also gives it a fine polished finish.

It is also made to fit the home décor; it won’t look isolated from the rest of the home ware. Well, it is, of course, elevated for comfort and boosting digestion. The feeder is great for reducing spills since it fitted with anti-slip feet and rubbers that hold the bowls in place.

The tall feeder has a 50oz bowl while the short one has a 24oz and 130z cat bowl. This is also another budget-friendly dog feeder that is worth going for.

Final Verdict

It is my hope that you have learned more on elevated dog bowls from this article and you can now decide whether it is good or bad for your canine companion. From this review, the pros of using the elevated dog bowls overweigh the cons.

If you had considered the option of having an elevated dog bowl for your canine friend, it is right for you to get one. It is pricier compared to the bowls which sit on the ground directly. Once you purchase it, you will realize that its price is worth.

Comment on what you think of the elevated dog bowls, whether from experience or from what you have heard from friends or family members who have used it. Feel free to ask any question where you need clarity. I will be glad to offer assistance where I can.

Rosie Tran

I’m Rosie and I love pets, especially dogs. I have a dog, her name is Lola. I also love reading, writing and living joyfully with my rescue dog. I want to learn everything I can to become a better “dog-mom” to Lola and share my knowledge of dog with all who have the same passion as mine.

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