Who Else Wants To Know How To Wash a Dog Bed With Stuffing?

Owning a dog guarantees you companionship and a friend who will always listen to you during your happy and sad moments without issuing any form of judgement. You will also be getting tons of undivided attention so long as you spend time with your canine friend.

On the flip side, you have to feed your pooch, groom him, ensure that he gets regular medical check-ups, wash him and take him to a veterinarian whenever he gets ill. Although it is supposed to be a give and take situation, it may be overwhelming.

Despite doing all that for your pooch, there is this one tiny bit that you are likely to forget very easily, and that is cleaning his beddings. Probably it is because you think it’s not so necessary which is very wrong, or you barely know how to do it right.

Read on and get to learn how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. This will help you have a happy pooch whose surrounding environment is generally clean.

Important Tips You Need to Put into Consideration

  • As you wash your dog’s bed, make sure that you close any zippers if there are any. This way you protect the zippers from loss and damage, and you also help in extending their lifetime.
  • As you dry your dog’s bed, make sure that it is freely tumbling. If one area of it gets to the heating element and fails to rotate, the fabric may be damaged due to excessive heat.
  • Look out for any torn areas or areas of weaknesses in the covering before you wash the dog bed. If you notice any, make sure that you get them fixed before you set out to wash it. This helps in avoiding any mess like clogging of drains which would give you a hard time when cleaning up.
  • If your dog’s bed has a cover, you should remove it and wash it separately. Wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions that are on the tag, preferably using hot water and a pet-friendly detergent. Dry it out too according to the instructions on the laundry tag. As you dry it out in the air, try not to fold it onto itself to avoid increasing drying time.

Step by Step Procedure on How to Wash a Dog Bed with Stuffing


Before you decide to start washing your dog’s bed, there are some requirements as shown below which will be very necessary. While others are mandatory, others are optional depending on their availability.

Requirements: Vacuum cleaner, Spot stain remover, enough water, machine washer (optional), mild detergent, deodorizer, hair dryer (optional)

     1.Get Rid Of The Loose Dirt First. 

This is the initial and also the most important step. Get rid of the loose dirt by vacuuming it several times. This way you will remove dander and loose hair that could have accumulated there with time. Focus on the corners too since these are the regions where most of the dirt accumulates, including the unhatched eggs of insects such as fleas.

     2. Deal With The Nasty Stains

Before you wash the dog bed, deal with the stains which could be from dog poop, urine, mud or food. A spot removal process will hasten the stain removal process and make it less hectic for you. Use a spot removal which is good, such that it will not irritate your pup, has no bleaching effect and you can be at ease when you store it around kids.

The moment you are done removing the stains, rinse the bed several times and make sure that you wring out as much water as possible.

     3. Use Hot Water To Clean The Dog Bed Thoroughly 

At this point, you have already gotten rid of loose dirt and stains on the dog bed. Before you get to wash it, read the instructions stated by the manufacturer on the tag of your dog bed. This will take you a long way in taking care of it.

  • Use the washing machine

If it complies with a machine wash, work will have been made easier for you. Put your dog’s bed into the washing machine and wash it in hot water. You can run the washing cycle twice especially if it has been quite some time since you last washed it. 

  • Visit the Laundromat

If a machine wash does not suit your dog’s bed probably because it is too large or because the manufacturer does not approve of it, you can wash it in your bathtub by hand. If the size is the main problem, taking it to the laundromat is a better option. You can pay some extra cash for a larger washer. Since you will be washing it once in a while, it is not likely to affect your budget a great deal.

  • Use your hands

Not having a washing machine does not mean that your canine companion will have to spend his sleeping time in a smelly bed. The alternative of washing it using your hands is also reliable so long as you do it the right way.

The reason why hot water is recommended for this purpose is to ensure that the eggs and insects that were not removed during the first step of the procedure are gotten rid of.

  • Add a detergent and deodorizer

Fill the bathtub with hot water and add a mild detergent, preferably a whole cup of the detergent. Adding a deodorizer is also in order. For this purpose, you should look out for one that is cheaper, yet very effective and should not be a hazard to your dog.

I would recommend white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. A quarter cup of either of the two will serve you. Agitate the bed gently at all parts to ensure that you loosen any dirt.

  • Rinse out the dog bed after a thorough wash

After washing your dog’s bed thoroughly, drain out the dirty water from the tub and wring off the water that has accumulated in the stuffing. Rinse it with warm water and ensure that each time you squeeze out as much water as you can.

Do this repeatedly until you can see no bubbles in the water after you squeeze it out. Removing all the water from the dog bed is almost impossible. Do not strain till you hurt your hands. Just make sure that by the time you stop wringing out the water, it is not wet but damp. This way you can be sure that it will dry out fast.

  • Let it dry

You can throw your dog’s bed in a dryer for it to dry thoroughly if you are lucky enough to have a dryer that is large enough for the dog bed to fit in. If you are less lucky in that way, the sun outside is for us all. Place the dog bed on a flat surface, preferably a drying rack.

Leave it for quite some time, which could be more than a day for it to dry well. To check out on the drying progress, press the dog bed in a region where the stuffing seems to be thickest. If some water spills out or it is still damp, know that it has a long way before it dries completely.

You can use a hair dryer to dry out the areas which seem to be taking longer to dry, so long as you use it on a low setting.

  • Fluff the dog bed

Once you are sure that it is completely dry, fluff the dog bed by pulling the stuffing gently with both hands from areas where it has accumulated to where there is hardly any. This way, your dog bed will be ready for your canine companion to lay on lazily after you have added a comfortable blanket on top of it.


There you have it on how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. I hope that you now know how to handle the entire process from the start to end. With the procedure outlined above, it will be far much easier for you.

Just as you like having clean bedding every night after a long day of work, the best gift you can give to your pooch who is your all-time companion and friend is ensuring that he gets to sleep on a comfortable and clean bed. This also helps in getting rid of odors in your house.

Leave a comment on the article. You can add an important point that I may have left out. There is a large audience eager to get new ideas. In case of any inquiries, feel free to ask, and I will answer as soon as I can. 

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