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Great Tips On How To Keep Ants Out Of Dog Food


Storing dog food for an extended period of time is easy. This is because there are various ways you can use to ensure that the food remains fresh throughout the period. Short time storage does get complicated though, especially when it’s kibble that is in your dog’s feeding bowl.

Best Large Breed Puppy Food: How To Buy The Best Product


We all have our preferences when it comes to the type of dog breed that we would like to keep. If you make the personal choice to go for the large dog breed puppies, then you must buy the best large breed puppy food to meets its nutritional requirements. Such food will allow your puppy to grow into an admirable and healthy adult dog.

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Best Automatic Dog Feeder: Professional Tips On How To Buy The Best One


Automatic dog feeders are machines that will help you feed your dog in your absence. They will feed them in the same manner in which you would. Often, you may find yourself away from home and still want your dog to be fed regularly.

While you away, the dog will be left at home alone and unattended to. If that time is longer than few hours, your dog will need to eat. Without the best automatic dog feeders, your dog will have to stay hungry until you come back home.

What Happens To Dogs Who Eat Table Scraps? –The Answer That Will Make You Think

Border collie puppy steeling a sandwich from the table

We all love our dogs – they are members of our families. A dog’s non-judgmental, unconditional loving can make you feel like you are the most important person on the planet! We can’t help giving dogs treats of table scraps!

Elevated Dog Bowls: Are Elevated Dog Bowls Good or Bad?


Meal time has always been the best time for every being, human beings and animals alike. This is a time when comfort and peace are all one needs. I have been carefully observing my canine companion, and I realized that of all its daily activities, meal time turns out to be the best next to its play time.


Can Dogs Eat Ginger Snaps? You need to find out here

There are lots of foodstuffs that we eat but aren’t recommended for dogs. There are some that are beneficial to both dogs and humans...